University of Law

The University of Law is the UK's longest-established specialist provider of legal education. In fact, they have trained more lawyers than anyone else. They can trace their origins to 1876 with the formation of leading tutorial firm Gibson & Weldon.

With a rich heritage and a reputation for innovation and contemporary teaching practices, they continuously focus on developing the best legal minds.

The UoL commissioned Stylus to help them with the opening of their new centre in Leeds. The media recommended was poster sites in train and bus stations. A striking set of posters was created, plus with the use of social media, Twitter and emails - the open day was a great success and they definitely hit the ground running.

Other notable projects that Stylus created were the Clearing Campaign and Freshers Week material. Carolyn Wallace, Marketing Services Manager said, “Just a quick note to thank Matthew and his team for pulling out all the stops and never once failing to hit a deadline, no matter how tight, Stylus are really someone to rely on."


Additional projects