Exhibition | Display | Signage

As you are only too aware, the exhibition industry is changing and the expectations of exhibitors, organisers and, more importantly, visitors are becoming ever more sophisticated and demanding.

At the same time, brand owners are increasingly exploiting the power of event-led marketing to address a diverse portfolio of internal and external business issues from launches, sponsorship and sales through to culture change, ethical marketing and corporate affairs.

Your presence at any event is probably one of the most overt expressions of your brand. We are skilled at creating striking environments that are practical, ensuring you maximise your budget every time.

The result being that you can focus your efforts on achieving better results from every event.

Display and Signage

Point of Sale was always considered a poor relation to all the other marketing disciplines.

Now, however, successful point of purchase (POP) communications are integrated fully into all communications plans, with much time spent on taking control and delivering a retail experience, understanding the customer journey in-store and developing the right retail experience that evokes the right emotions.

We look at understanding the current touchpoints and the future necessary ones to ensure all our POP communications improve your chance of success on both a promotional and equity level.

Working in conjunction with our signage partners, we can design and install bespoke signage solutions throughout the UK, ensuring your brand is powerfully represented and your visitors can easily find directions at your company location.